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complete detail package

Complete detailing services are the ideal application for enhancing and improving your vehicle’s protection over the course of a year. These detail packages are great for clients looking for an all-in-one complete detail and typically chosen for your daily driver. You may choose to customize any of our detail packages by modifying services to better fit your needs.

Complete Level 1

Interior carpet/upholstery vacuumed *

Pet hair (starting at $40+)

Leather cleaned/Quartz coating applied

Exterior and interior windows cleaned

Dashboard and center console cleaned and treated

Floor mats washed and dried*

Exterior multi stage hand wash

Mirrors, door handles, door jambs cleaned

Rims/Tires (exterior) cleaned and coated

Premium paint protection sealant applied 

Complete Level 2

Includes all services in Level 1 +

Interior carpet shampoo/steam cleaned

Pet hair (starting at $40+)

Leather cleaned/Quarts coating applied

Seat tracks and air vents cleaned*

Rubber mats washed and rejuvenated

Windows treated / rain & ice repellent

Paint decontamination and clay bar

All exterior trim conditioned and enhanced

Headlight UV protection sealant applied

Premium CERAMIC Spray Coating applied for superior paint protection

Terms & Conditions

Vehicle sizes: Sm = (2 door, 4 door sedan), Md = (2 seat row SUV or crossover), Lg = (3 row SUV), Extended SUV or Pickup Trucks are XL service, +$40.00.  


* Vehicles that require extra cleaning may be subjected to additional charges. Vehicles exposed to gravel roads (dust), construction sites (mud) + $50.00 fee required. Vehicles that are not detailed on regular maintenance schedule are subjected to additional fee.    Charges assessed will depend on condition of your vehicle and will be discussed during our pre-inspection process.


Complete Level 1 package is designed for light maintenance service of your vehicle. This service is best for a vehicle 1 year old and newer or a vehicle that is detailed every 6-12 months. This service focuses on detailing common vehicle surface areas. Depending on your driving habits and vehicle use this service is typically recommended every six months to a year. Vehicles that are used more frequently like your daily driver or transport of young children typically required more of a deep clean and we recommend that you upgrade to Level 2 interior. Pet hair is an additional fee to all services. 


Complete Level 2 service is designed for vehicle's that are 1-5 years old and require additional cleaning not provided in Level 1 service. This is a premium service focuses on deep clean and includes all interior areas such as under the seats and crevices that are not commonly visible. This package includes carpet cleaning as well as general pet hair removal for additional $40 per vehicle. Excessive amount of pet hair is additional cost that can be added to this package. 

Exterior of this packages is focused on ultimate deep cleaning of the vehicles painted surfaces. This package focuses on cleaning environmental fall outs like iron particles that create oxidation on your vehicles paint . This processes is called paint decontamination which is vital prior to wax or ceramic coating application. This exterior process provides ultimate protection for your vehicles paint. 


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