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Med City Auto Spa is the go-to destination for professional window tinting in Rochester, Minnesota. Our films offer various benefits, including UV protection for your health and the car's interior, temperature control, and glare reduction for a safer driving experience. Trust our experts to help you choose the best option for your vehicle, home, or business – book an appointment today!

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Advanced Protection & Superior Comfort


Evolve Window Tint

Evolve is our most advanced automotive window film to date. It is made from a proprietary blend of materials that provide the highest level of heat rejection, glare reduction, and UV protection while maintaining an amazing color and appearance. This makes it perfect for those who want the highest performance and aesthetic appeal.


Ceramic Window Tint

Ceramic nanoparticles give SunTek® CIR™ its upgrade in tint protection.Performance and appearance are a priority with CIR. Comfortable cabin temperatures are maintained while 99% of damaging UV rays are blocked. Available in a range of shade levels, this non-reflective tint is backed by a manufacturer’s lifetime limited warranty with protection against change in color.


Carbon Window Tint

SunTek® Carbon Series and CXP™ tint Series are engineered to meet today’s performance demands. Carbon construction gives our original Carbon Series and the upgraded CXP™ (Carbon Extra Performance) Series a non-reflective appearance in impressive shades of black to help deliver your desired level of solar protection. SunTek carbon tint helps maintain cooler vehicle interiors and will not change color like some dyed films. The carbon component helps block heat and damaging UV rays—helping to reduce the strain on your air conditioning.

Specialized Services

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