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Exterior Detailing

Whether you’re a daily driver or car enthusiast, exterior detail is recommended every three to four months. These services are the ideal application for enhancing and improving your vehicle’s paint protection over the course of a year.

Exterior Level 1

Multi-stage scratch-free/hand wash

Excess water removed from door jambs, mirrors and door handles

Exterior windows treated

Wheels (exterior) cleaned and sealed

Tires cleaned and conditioned

Premium Wax applied for paint protection

Starting at $80

Add on services

Ceramic Coating

Paint Polishing/Scratch removal

Water spot removal

Tar removal

Deep wheel cleaning

Underbody wash


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Terms & Conditions

Vehicles that require extra cleaning may be subjected to additional charges. Vehicles exposed to gravel roads (dust), construction sites (mud) + $50.00 fee required. Vehicles that are not detailed on regular maintenance schedule are subjected to additional fee.    Charges assessed will depend on condition of your vehicle and will be discussed during our pre-inspection process.

Exterior Level 1 service is designed for more frequent maintenance service of your vehicle. This services focuses on detailing common vehicle exterior surface areas. This service provides multi stage hand wash fallowed by a premium wax for all painted surfaces. For ultimate paint protection this service is typically recommended every three to six months.


Exterior Level 2 service is a premium service that focuses on deep cleaning and ultimate protection of all exterior vehicle surfaces. This is designed for vehicles that are not typicality maintained on a regular schedule. This may be a vehicle that is frequently washed via automatic car washes and has not received a proper wash and protection as recommended. 

This package focuses on cleaning environmental fall outs like iron particles that create oxidation on your vehicles paint . This processes is called paint decontamination which is vital prior to wax or ceramic coating application. After all painted surfaces have been properly cleaned and prepped a form of ceramic coating is applied. Coating creates a hard and glossy surface over your vehicle paint that normally outlasts a protection and performance of a traditional wax.

This exterior process provides ultimate protection for your vehicles paint. Removing wheels and underbody detailing is available as an add service. 

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